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Expertise & Experience

We are a team of 40+ employees with overall 75+ man years of experience.

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ISO 27001: 2013 Certified

We are an ISO 27001: 2013 Certified Company.

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Customized Solutions

We offer customized VAPT solutions tailored to each client's specific needs.

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Comprehensive Testing

We cover all possible vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.

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Quick Turnaround Time

Our efficient testing process provides quick turnaround times for VAPT reports without compromising on quality.

Our Reviews

Claude Pinto
Claude Pinto

CEO - ByteWay

Ever since 2021, CyberSapiens has been our top choice for all things Cyber Security. They've truly become our trusted partners, offering expert guidance and services to protect our digital assets.

Girish Bhatia
Girish Bhatia

Director/Lead Consultant - Compass Consult

We used CyberSapiens as our cyber security consultants for the ISO 27001 audit. We got intensive support from the team to prepare us for something we hadn’t done before and being a fast-growing organization had no experience in to. Thanks to our security consulting team's effort, we are now on top of our cyber security compliance and are ISO 27001 certified. You’ll be in good hands with CyberSapiens for cyber security compliance.


Verticurl Pte Ltd

CyberSapiens exudes positivity, technical brilliance, adaptability, and unwavering punctuality in everything they do. They're not just experts; they're people you can trust.

Our Clients


What is VAPT?

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is a process that helps businesses identify vulnerabilities and potential threats in their digital infrastructure. VAPT Assessment involves both manual and automated testing, which allows our team to find and exploit weaknesses in your network, applications, and data protection. Our comprehensive VAPT services can help identify security risks, provide recommendations for improving security, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why Does Your Business Need VAPT?

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and more common. Businesses that do not invest in VAPT services risk losing sensitive data, facing system outages, and damaging their reputation. VAPT can help identify vulnerabilities and prevent cyber attacks before they happen. With our VAPT services, you can be sure that your business is secure from any cyber threats.

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We perform VAPT on the below platforms:

Web Application VAPT

Mobile Application VAPT

Network VAPT


Cloud VAPT

Infrastructure VAPT


IoT Devices VAPT

Thick Client and Thin Client VAPT

Tools that we use:

Tools that we use:


We pursue a holistic approach to execute VAPT audits. A complete analysis of the existing security posture and suggestions for reducing the exposure to currently recognized vulnerabilities adds to the client’s benefits. We facilitate the clients to make informed decisions and manage the exposure of dangers in a better manner.

Information Gathering

We develop a detailed understanding of the design, architecture, functionality, and security systems of the target which will help in the further process.

Identify Vulnerabilities

The next step is to Identify Vulnerabilities, where we use a complete manual approach. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, they are then sent to the next stage.

Vulnerability Assessment

The identified vulnerabilities from the previous steps are assessed here to validate them and further try out with multiple methods to understand the attack vectors. 

VAPT Penetration Testing

At this stage, we run exploits and dummy attacks to evaluate the Impact and Risk of the vulnerability. To achieve a high degree of penetration, we use advanced tools and open-source scripts.

VAPT Audit Reporting

As a conclusion to our VAPT audit, we submit an evaluation report. We accumulate the gathered information and brief out the findings. The report contains an elaborate analysis of the vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities are divided into categories of Critical, High, Medium, and Low. 


After successfully completing the process of audit, our experts suggests solutions to fix and eliminate the identified vulnerabilities. We also ensure that the changes are implemented and the vulnerabilities are patched. In our final assessment, we reflect on the security status of the network.

Our Testing Techniques

These are the testing techniques we utilise and the systematic approach combining several strategies designed to achieve specific goals. These techniques include Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, and Gray Box Testing, each contributing uniquely to the overall assessment of the application.

White Box

White box testing involves detailed scrutiny of the internal code structure of an application. Developers or testers shall further analyze the code to check how flow is, what security measures are in place, and whether algorithms are optimized for efficiency. This kind of approach is precisely like checking on the engine of a vehicle, where every component is functioning at its best; this provides some insight into the internal workings of the application

Black Box
We use this method to test the application functionality but to examine it's code. We perform the test by interacting with the system through the application's user interface, which verifies that the inputs & outputs are qualified for a given set of business use-case scenarios. This approach pays attention to how the application performs externally to guarantee that the application behaves correctly from the end-user's point of view.
Gray Box

Gray box testing combines the black box and white box testing techniques. Testers are given a partial view of the inner workings of an application, which aids them in the design of tests, keeping in mind not only user experience but also technical insight. That ensures a balance between testing the functionality and validation at the code level, guaranteeing full test coverage for any application from every aspect.

Our Key Benefits!

Assessment Report

The VAPT audit is accompanied by an evaluation report. We provide a brief summary of the detected vulnerabilities, their nature, their impact, and how they can be used by the attacker to exploit data. The report indicates proactive measures to resolve those security issues as well.

Safe-to-Host Certificate

We offer a safe to host certificate to validate that your network infrastructure is secured. We comply with ISO 27001: 2013, HIPAA, and GDPR to mandate continuous monitoring. With a security certificate, you can ensure your customers that their information is under surveillance and well protected.

Consult from the Best

The VAPT audits are undertaken by our team of proficient cybersecurity experts. They utilize the latest tools as well as perform manual testing for finding configuration accuracies and potential vulnerabilities. Manual testing makes us capable of finding security errors that are mostly missed by automated tools.

How We Can Help You?

We understand that every business has unique security needs. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their business, their security concerns, and their goals. Our VAPT services provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to security testing, allowing us to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions that are specific to your business.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team of VAPT professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We have years of experience in the field, and we use the latest tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for improvement. We work with clients across a wide range of industries, from small businesses to large corporations, and we have a proven track record of success.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are two types of security services that focus on the detection of vulnerabilities in web applications, mobile applications, networks, and servers. Both of these services carry different energies and are integrated together to make them work better. VAPT helps protect the business from cyberattacks and provides the necessary intelligence to allocate security resources efficiently. The Vulnerability test focuses on “internal security” and the entry test focuses on “real external security”

Yes, it is possible to carry out either a Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Testing. Vulnerability assessment focuses on the core security of your systems to ensure that they are patched and configured as per best practice standards. A Penetration Testing focuses on a real-world simulation of an attack to give you a picture of what a motivated attacker could do from the outside.

The cost of VAPT typically depend on the effort-estimate prepared to carry out the VAPT audit. The effort-estimate varies depending on the size of your IT infrastructure and the scope of your applications, number of locations, etc. Our free demo, helps you to get a picture of requirements and determine the approximate cost for the VAPT audit.

Your tests will be conducted by Information Security experts from CyberSapiens. All our employees are prime talents with expertise in VAPT. They are subject to extensive background checks and have confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with our firm.

We can perform your internal vulnerability assessment within three to five days, in general, after we receive the official work order. An expedited test can customize and scheduled as per convenience.

Yes, a certificate of “CyberSapiens Secured” will be provided for each security VAPT audit.

Yes, however, these risks can be significantly reduced with proper planning like using a test environment and ensuring that monitoring devices and software are working properly, these methods help reduce the risk and helps recover from a potential issue. We can’t completely rule out the possibility of a system crash, but with proper planning, the risk is greatly reduced. Think about it, will the hackers tell you when they are going to attack your systems? Probably not. So, don’t get too hung up on this because if the tester is able to crash your system, somebody else can too—they just haven’t tried yet.

A detailed report will be provided outlining the scope of the Infrastructure/application, the methodology used, and a detailed explanation of the vulnerabilities found along with their POC (Proof-of-concept). Also, recommendations for improvement will also be provided.

We suggest that every organization should keep performing the VAPT audit until the application is patched properly.

With fast-moving technology adoption, the rapid development of mobile applications, IoT, etc. - Networks today are more vulnerable than ever. VAPT helps you to validate your security against real-world threats, identify security risks in your environment and understand the real-world impact of these issues. Every organization invests in security, but is your data safe? Protecting your assets before the attack even happens. Performing VAPT and safeguarding your assets should be the goal of every organization.

The duration of a security VAPT audit may vary depending on the size of your network and applications. We provide a free demo, which can help you understand the scope of your requirement and determine the approximate duration of the VAPT audit.

There are no hard-set rules in regards to how often your organization should perform a security VAPT audit. Often, the type of auditing procedures that you want to be performed will have an impact on the frequency of when a VAPT audit should be done. Some organizations do audits once a year while some go as far as on a daily or monthly basis.

Our vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are mostly conducted manually because we believe that there is no substitute for the human mind. But even then, we do need the help of some tools to conduct the test more efficiently and thoroughly. Some of the tools that we use are Metasploit, Burp Suite, NMap, etc. But the tools required for your engagement may vary based on our assessment of your environment.

A formal report for all our review services will be provided after the VAPT audit. This report will include all of the findings in detail from our test as well as any recommendations regarding remediation.

While performing assessments and tests, the scope of the assignment needs to be clearly defined. The scope is based on the assets to be tested. The following are the three possible scopes that exist:

Black Box Testing: Testing the system like a hacker would with no prior knowledge of the internal networks and systems.

Gray Box Testing: Testing with some knowledge of the internal networks and systems. This is usually a combination of black-box testing and white-box testing.

White Box Testing: Performing the VAPT from within the network with complete knowledge of the network architecture and the systems.

A formal report for all our review services will be provided after the VAPT audit. This report will include all of the findings in detail from our test as well as any recommendations regarding remediation.

Yes, We do check web applications and networking devices for DOS & DDOS attacks. This provides a better view of how many users at a time can your application or device maintain connection with, before crashing.

CyberSapienss is the best VAPT company in India because being a cyber security company we know the importance of securing business infrastructure. Most companies focus majorly on the look and functionality of their application or websites ignoring the backbone of any business which is Security,(VAPT). We help you secure the best of our capabilities. We are a team of Cybersecurity enthusiasts, in which each security expert has vast experience in this domain. CyberSapiens as a team believe security can not rely only on tools there has to be a major role of manual testing involved. As cybersecurity is all about working on what others might have missed. We are pioneers in the domain of security testing as well as Cybercrime consultancy in India which makes us a one-stop destination for all your cybersecurity needs.

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