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top 20 best phishing simulation tools that every business in melbourne should use

Top 20 Best Phishing Simulation Tools that Every Business in Melbourne Should Use

Security breaches are major concerns for companies of all numbers of employees in the current interconnected world.

Phishing is a common threat in which a criminal tries to extract personal information from a victim by masquerading as a trustworthy individual or company.

All these attacks can cause financial consequences, pose a threat of personal information leakage, and bring negative publicity.

Melbourne companies need to ensure the use of strong security for their networks. Phishing simulation tools are a great resource in this war. They are used to determine employees’ vulnerability to phishing and familiarize them with how to identify phishing in the future.

In this article, we will discuss about Top 20 Best Phishing Simulation Tools that Every Business in Melbourne Should Use.

Why Do Phishing Simulation Tools Matter for Businesses?

why phishing simulation tools matter cybersapiens

Phishing emails are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often mimicking legitimate sources and preying on human vulnerabilities. Here’s how simulation tools empower Melbourne businesses

1. Identify Knowledge Gaps

Training allows for identifying potential weaknesses in employees that a cybercriminal may use to launch a phishing attack. This makes it possible to focus on training that is meant to improve the skills in these weaknesses.

2. Boost Security Awareness

Such training involves the use of simulators and helps in maintaining employee awareness and preparing them for possible attacks on the business’ cybersecurity.

3. Measure Training Effectiveness

Simulation-based testing can be used to measure how effective a business’ security awareness training program is and how it can be improved based on feedback from employees.

4. Reduce the Risk of Attacks

Employees who have been trained in how to deal with such attacks can prevent a high number of successful phishing attacks that target personal information or company funds.

List of Top 20 Best Phishing Simulation Tools that Every Business in Melbourne Should Use

list of top 20 best phishing simulation tools that every business in melbourne should use

1. PhishCare by CyberSapiens: Best Phishing Simulation Tools

Cyber Sapiens offers phishing simulation services through their phishing tool called “PHISH CARE”. Here you can also run a free Simulation. This tool offers a comprehensive phishing test designed to improve awareness of phishing scams across organizations.

CyberSapiens provides various phishing scenarios, easy reporting, and tailored templates for different industry sectors

Best Benefits of “PhishCare” Tool

  • End to End Tracking capability
  • Spear phishing
  • Fully customized templates
  • Follow up Training
  • In-Depth Reporting
  • Security Checkpoint

Best Features of the “PhishCare” Tool

  • Customized Templates
  • Awareness Module
  • Assessment Test
  • Comprehensive Tracking
  • Graphical dashboard Access
  • Campaign Report
  • Custom domain integration

CyberSapiens highlighted that 47% of cyber security attacks such as social engineering, spear-phishing, and ransomware attacks are financially motivated, and it’s crucial to test employees and make them proactive in identifying and reporting phishing attacks

For organizations interested in enhancing their phishing awareness and defence, CyberSapiens provides a service that not only tests employees’ susceptibility to phishing but also educates them on how to recognize and avoid falling victim to such scams. 

This proactive approach is essential in today’s environment where cyber attacks are prevalent and increasingly sophisticated

top 20 best phishing simulation tools that every business in melbourne should use and get one free phishing simulation done by cybersapiens

2. KnowBe4

A Californian corporation providing a library of phishing simulations and training modules, as well as in-depth configuration opportunities. Dart’s platform supports businesses of various sizes and in all fields.

3. PhishMe (Cofense)

Offers advanced phishing tests with detailed analysis and insights as well as a library of security awareness training materials. They have a strong element of games which ensures employees are kept excited.

4. Mimecast

This email security solution provides for all features and is compatible with your existing email infrastructure, Includes Phishing simulations and impersonation protection. It is suited to businesses that already use Mimecast for email security.

5. Hoxhunt

Offers phishing simulations with gamified functionality and individual training programs for workers. They provide quantified findings that enable one to measure progress and potential problem solutions.

6. Cloudphish

Easy to use and practical solution for smaller and larger companies. Cloudphish has a repository of ready-made simulations and provides a certain level of editor’s freedom. Their approach to teaching is practical because it focuses on real-life situations.

7. PhishingBox

It concentrates on the generation of plausible phishing scenarios that mirror real cybercrimes. They involve detailed report writing that gives significant input of information regarding the behaviour of employees and the training process’s efficiency.

8. ThreatSim

Based in Melbourne, this firm undertakes phishing simulations and social engineering attacks which are similar to actual internet criminal activities.

9. SC Phish

Provides the service as software running on its own servers and accessible through a browser interface that allows for such user-friendly functions as management of campaigns, reporting, and simulation of scenarios.

10. GajShield

It is more of a comprehensive email security solution that includes phishing simulation modules together with spam filtering and malware protection abilities.

contact cybersapiens for phishing simulation in melbourne

11. SpamTitan

Spam filtering can be combined with phishing simulation and security awareness training that is provided by such companies as Wombat Security Technologies.

12. ThreatSwitch (KnowBe4) 

ThreatSwitch is more than just phishing simulations and is an effective awareness training solution from KnowBe4. This ranges from modules on password hygiene to modules on social engineering and physical security that will allow your Melbourne workforce to deal with more threats.

13. Vade Secure

This is an email security solution that works on a cloud network and is compatible with your existing email system. Vade Secure is more than just a spam defence; phishing simulations are baked in and the solution uses threat intelligence to stop emerging cyber threats.

14. WatchPhish

Deals with instantaneous phishing replicas and instantly informs the employees using the identical medium who have been duped by fake attacks.

This real-time approach facilitates learning and assists Melbourne businesses in identifying employees who are at the highest risk of carrying out unsafe acts and require further training.

15. SIM Phish

Provides a more comfortable and configurable interface for phishing campaign creation. SIM Phish targets businesses of any size and offers the possibility to track in-depth results for employees and get information about training efficiency.

16. Tren Micro Phishing Ready

An extension that can be incorporated in Tren Micro Phishing Ready is a broader security solution suite offered by a global leader in cybersecurity. This offering comprises phishing simulations in addition to providing endpoint security and web filtering services thus offering layered security solutions to Melbourne businesses.

17. MailGuard

An email security company headquartered in Australia that enables phishing simulation as a part of its services. The ability of the two firms to operate locally gives them the advantage of understanding Australian regulations and business practices.

18. SecureComm

An Australian provider focusing on Email security and data protection. Phishing simulations are also offered through SecureComm as part of their managed security services for Melbourne businesses.

19. Atacama Security

Atacama Security may be based in the US but the cloud-based software for phishing simulation has impressive features for distributed teams. This can be a useful feature for companies from Melbourne that have some workers operating from distant locations.

20. F-Secure Radar

An international company with a significant local base, the F-Secure Radar product features phishing scenarios in addition to security awareness training content and client/endpoint security solutions.

Choosing the Right Phishing Tool for Your Melbourne Business

choosing the right phishing tool for your melbourne business cybersapiens

With a plethora of phishing tools available, selecting the one that best suits your Melbourne business requires careful consideration. Here are some key factors to evaluate to ensure you invest in the right solution:

1. Features & Functionality

Poke around specifically in the offered simulations (email, phone, SMS). Consider such features as the availability of ready-made forms for different industries and the possibility of developing your own case. Strong reporting features and the ability to work with existing security tools are also important.

2. User-Friendliness

Think about how friendly it is to administrators and workers. An easy software implementation, simple layout, and accessible instructions are critical to ensuring broad use and impact.

3. Scalability

Consider the current operation scale and the potential expansion of your business. Select a tool that can be easily upgraded and will accommodate more users as well as the change in the training needs. License models should also be taken into account – some of them charge per user, and others have a feature-based approach.

4. Compliance Considerations

Make sure the tool complies with the legislation that may be relevant to your business if it works with personal data, for example, GDPR or the Australian Privacy Act. This is important for ensuring that policies are adhered to and confidential information is not leaked.

Summary: Top 20 Best Phishing Simulation Tools that Every Business in Melbourne Should Use

  1. Phish Care by CyberSapiens
  2. KnowBe4
  3. PhishMe (Cofense)
  4. Mimecast
  5. Hoxhunt
  6. Cloudphish
  7. PhishingBox
  8. ThreatSim
  9. SC Phish
  10. GajShield
  11. SpamTitan
  12. ThreatSwitch (KnowBe4) 
  13. Vade Secure
  14. WatchPhish
  15. SIM Phish
  16. Tren Micro Phishing Ready
  17. MailGuard
  18. SecureComm
  19. Atacama Security
  20. F-Secure Radar


Phishing fraud is one of the ever-looming threats that Melbourne businesses cannot afford to overlook. Quiz-based phishing solution providers are perfect partners but don’t neglect a security program.

Through implementing security solutions, receiving professional training, interacting with security experts, and continuous learning, companies from Melbourne can create a positive security culture and promote the safe utilization of the digital environment.


1. What are phishing simulations, and why are they important for Melbourne businesses?

Ans: Phishing simulations are controlled tests that mimic real-world phishing attacks. They help Melbourne businesses identify how susceptible employees are to these attacks and educate them on how to recognize and avoid them. This proactive approach reduces the risk of falling victim to phishing scams, which can lead to financial losses, data breaches, and reputational damage

2. What are some key features to consider when choosing a phishing simulation tool?

Ans: Here are some of the key features to consider when choosing a Phishing Simulation Tool!

1. Variety of simulations (email, phone, SMS)
2. Customization options for industry-specific training
3. Reporting & analytics to measure training effectiveness

3. How often should we conduct phishing simulations for our Melbourne business?

Ans: There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, regular simulations (e.g., monthly or quarterly) are recommended. This keeps employees engaged and reinforces their knowledge over time. Consider including simulations with different levels of difficulty to cater to varying levels of employee experience.

4. What happens if an employee clicks on a simulated phishing link?

Ans: Most phishing simulation tools won’t expose employees to real malware or harm their devices. Instead, they’ll typically redirect them to a landing page explaining it was a simulated attack and providing training materials on how to identify phishing attempts.

5. Are phishing simulations the only security awareness training method needed?

Ans: No. Phishing simulations are a valuable tool, but they should be part of a broader security awareness program. This program could include regular training sessions covering different cyber threats, best practices for password hygiene, and clear reporting procedures for suspicious activity.

6. Do phishing simulation tools integrate with existing security solutions we use?

Ans: Many phishing simulation tools offer integrations with popular email security platforms and other security software. This streamlines the process and provides a more consolidated view of your overall cybersecurity posture.

7. Do these tools integrate with existing security solutions?

Ans: Many do, offering a more streamlined experience and a consolidated view of your overall cybersecurity posture.

 8. Are there any Australian-based phishing simulation tools available?

Ans: Yes, several Australian companies offer phishing simulation tools, such as ThreatSim, MailGuard, SecureComm, Cleardest Security, Hauri, and Mitigate Phishing. These companies might have an advantage in understanding local regulations and business practices.

9. How much do phishing simulation tools typically cost?

Ans: Costs vary depending on features, the number of users, and the chosen vendor. Some offer paid subscriptions, while others have freemium models with limitations on features or user numbers.

10. Where can I find more information about phishing simulations and cybersecurity best practices?

Ans: The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) offers a wealth of resources on phishing and other cyber threats. Additionally, reputable cybersecurity vendors often provide informative resources and case studies on their websites.

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