Phishing Is A Serious Threat To Businesses

Social engineering poses a significant risk to businesses, with phishing being a common tactic.

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of data breaches occur due to phishing!
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of employees cannot identify a phishing scam!
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of organizations have experienced a phishing attack!
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What Is A Phishing Simulation Service?

At CyberSapiens, we provide a phishing simulation service which is a phishing test that is designed to improve awareness of phishing scams across your organization.

With a phishing test, simulated phishing emails are sent to staff across your organization. The emails act like real phishing emails to get your employees to click links, enter passwords or perform other actions often requested by phishing emails. The purpose of the test is that staff can make mistakes and fall for simulated phishing emails and learn from their mistakes in a safe environment without the drastic consequences of a real phishing scam.

Conduct Authorized Phishing Attacks to test and re-test your employees susceptibility to Social Engineering attacks!

In today’s environment, social engineering attacks are prevalent and increasing. The human element is often the weakest component in a company’s security. Attackers know this and exploit it. 47% of cyber security attacks such as social engineering, spear-phishing, and ransomware attacks are that are financially motivated.

It’s time to test your employees and make them proactive to identify and report phishing attacks.

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