Data Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy!

CyberSapiens data protection and privacy services help organizations stay up-to-date with leading services in data security and data privacy, as well as complying with regulation in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape.

What our consulting do for you?

CyberSapiens privacy services and solutions are designed to help companies protect their information over the full data lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal.

Service offerings by our Privacy team helps our clients to:

Stay up-to-date with leading services in data privacy

Observe regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape

Sustain an effective data protection and compliance management posture, which helps in reducing associated costs

Protect their brand reputation through the protection of business, customer and other sensitive and regulated information

CyberSapiens services aim to empower organizations to avert costly data breaches and reduce risks of non-compliance that could result in fines from the regulator.

Our Privacy Services!

CyberSapiens Privacy services help you manage regulatory obligations and enable you to leverage personal information to create value and increase revenue while meeting the expectations of your customers, employees, and vendors. With our deep experience in supporting organizations, we’ll help you develop a tailored plan to safely manage information and adopt a structured and flexible approach to meet the needs of your business.


Provide an independent assessment of current risk profile and how this compares to desired state.


Work with you to design a Privacy Compliance Program to meet requirements of legislations.


Work with you to develop a pragmatic privacy strategy and gain buy-in from senior management.


Support you in maintaining your privacy control environment.


Provide ongoing support and advice to assist you in operating your control environment.


Support the implementation of robust and sustainable processes, policies and controls to allow you to mitigate your privacy risk.

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