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Are you looking for an internship in Cyber Security field?

We are one of India’s only company providing internships in various fields of Cyber Security.

Where you get to work on Live projects and gain experience that would help you to build your career and change your Life!

Different Types of Internships We Offer!

Reviews of Our Interns

Neeraj Sharma
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This internship excels for cybersecurity beginners, offering a strong focus on foundational concepts. The emphasis on hands-on learning, coupled with client-targeted penetration tasks, enhances practical skills development. It's a valuable experience for those looking to learn from the basics and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.
Sowmyashri Rai
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Great organization to get trained in Cyber security with good hands on experience. I joined them as a red team intern after few years of career break. I truly enjoyed my time of association with them. Though I had some penetration testing experience, I was introduced to many tools and concepts of cyber security that I had not learnt in my previous trainings. Apart from the training sessions, we get a chance to do some hands-on VAPT/penetration testing on real client websites. We also get a chance to connect with a group of other ethical hackers and share latest trends in cyber security. Mentors are knowledgeable and always available to support. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to start their career in Cyber security.
Aviral Mittal
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Had a stellar 8-month internship at CyberSapiens. Kudos to their management for effective communication via Telegram. Flexibility with live and recorded sessions. Beginner-friendly program covering all basic security concepts like networking, cloud, bug bounty etc and compliance videos in curriculum stand out. Despite the fee, it's a worthwhile investment. The internship exam is crackable with basic web hunting knowledge otherwise, you can easily earn your fee or more through Bug Bounty opportunities throughout your internship. CyberSapiens' program is a solid launchpad for a cybersecurity journey.
Ananthapurnasai Kanajam
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During my internship I learn so many new things that i don't know and my mentor "Dheeraj" is treat me like colleague he help a lot during my internship.
Bharat Singh
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My experience with CyberSapiens as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) intern was an incredibly rewarding and educational. One of the most significant aspects of this internship was the practical knowledge I acquired. I was exposed to a wide range of cybersecurity tools and techniques, allowing me to understand the intricacies of identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in various systems. This hands-on experience gave me a deeper insight into the world of cybersecurity
ನವೀನ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ಎನ್
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My internship at CyberSapiens United LLP has been an eye-opening and transformative experience. I leave with a profound sense of gratitude for the knowledge gained and the support received. I am now equipped with a strong foundation and a deep passion for cybersecurity. I wholeheartedly recommend CyberSapiens to anyone seeking an internship. Thank you for being a company that values knowledge, growth, and making a difference in the cybersecurity landscape.
Neeharika S
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Cyber Sapiens exceeded my expectations. The mentors' expertise and guidance were invaluable.Their patience in explaining complex concepts made learning enjoyable and effective.Thanks to this internship, I now feel confident and well-prepared for a career in cybersecurity. The supportive and inclusive environment at Cyber Sapiens truly sets them apart. This internship really kick-started my career in cybersecurity
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My internship at CyberSapiens was an enriching experience. I had the opportunity to contribute to exciting projects, learned valuable skills in cybersecurity, and enjoyed a supportive team. It was a rewarding journey.

Benefits of Our Internship

benefits of internship cybersapiens
cybersapiens internship benefits

Types of Internships We Offer!

cyber security internship cybersapiens

Common Internship

cyber forensics internship cybersapiens

Project Internship

To know more about the Project Internship. Please fill you the form below. And mention that you are looking for a Project Internship.

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To get a Cyber Security Internship at CyberSapiens. You just need to fill up the contact form above. 

And our team will connect with you regarding further updates.

Our Intership is the best cyber security internship in india because we focus on practical knowledge.

And try to give you as much real world experience as possible.

Because we believe just having the knowledge about Cyber Security tools and techniques is not enough.

One should be able to implement it in real world scenarios.

Currently we are providing both type of internships. 

You can do on-site internship or remote internship from anywhere in the world.

No, CyberSapiens internships are not paid.

Sorry but if you have no knowledge of Cyber Security, we cannot provide you with the internship.

To get some initial knowledge do watch our FREE Cyber Security Playlist.

Watch the Our Cyber Security Essential Playlist.

Yes, it a completly free Internship.

There are multiple tasks and responsibilities that CyberSapiens Intern handles on a daily basis.

Some of these tasks are:

  1. Working on the VDP programmes and Client Target.
  2. Sending regular updates of their work progress on a daily and weekly basis.
  3. Attending one-on-one calls with the mentor and Project Coordinator.
  4. Committed to completing the task within the specified timeline.
  5. A minimum of 10 vulnerabilities must be reported on VDP or Client targets each month, regardless of duplication.
  6. Research and monitor new security threats to web applications.
  7. Research and stay current with the latest web application security threats and trends
  8. Remain up to date on the latest security trends and best practices.

Yes, you definitely can do project internship with us.

The topic could be any of your choice.

At the end you will receive internship certificate to keep with you.

The internship period may vary on your requirements. If you are opting for project internship.

But for regular internship the minimum internship period is of 3 months.

Yes, you will be learning many new topics and work on many advanced tools during the internship at CyberSapiens.

Our 40+ expert mentor will always be there to guide you. 

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