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Being Aware is a necessity! Are You?

Every user using the technology needs to be educated on Cyber Security as it is the easiest way to build a secure cyberculture.

95% of the cyber crimes that happen is occurred due to human behaviour and we Humans are vulnerable to a very critical vulnerability called ‘Trust’.

It all depends on the human reaction, and thus, every user should be smart enough to identify such scams.

This is what we at CyberSapiens are trying to achieve – To help users be aware of Cyber Security…

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Our custom-based content is what makes us unique in this field as we cover the topics based on the target audience.

We provide training for everyone including:

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Parents 
  • Officials

The Awareness is provided on various basics and
important topics including!

cyber security awareness cybersapiens

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A cybersecurity awareness program is a training initiative to educate employees and other stakeholders about cybersecurity risks and best practices.

The program is intended to raise awareness and understanding of cyber threats, teach individuals how to protect themselves and the organization from cyber attacks, and foster a security culture.

Here are some of the reasons why cybersecurity awareness is essential:

  • Cyber attacks can result in the theft of sensitive data, such as personal information, financial information, and intellectual property. Cybersecurity awareness can help individuals and organizations identify and protect their sensitive data from such attacks.
  • Cyber attacks can disrupt business operations and cause downtime, affecting productivity and profitability significantly. Individuals and organizations can benefit from cybersecurity awareness by identifying and mitigating cyber risks.
  • Organizations must comply with many industries and jurisdictions with specific cybersecurity regulations. Individuals and organizations can benefit from cybersecurity awareness in understanding and complying with these regulations.

A cybersecurity awareness training program teaches employees and other stakeholders about cybersecurity risks, threats, and best practices.

The training program aims to help people understand how to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber attacks and promote a security culture within the organization.

The topics that we cover are:

  • Social Media Usage
  • Smartphone Security
  • Online Threats
  • Online Safety Measures
  • Cyber Law & Cyber Crime Studies
  • Cyber Parenting
  • Banking Security
  • Employee Awareness

Cyber attacks have become more common and sophisticated in recent years, and preventing all cyber attacks is impossible.

Individuals and organizations, however, can take steps to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack and the impact of a breach.

Preventing cyber attacks necessitates a multi-layered approach that includes implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. 

This includes updating software, using strong passwords, enforcing access controls, regularly backing up data, using anti-malware software, and educating employees about cyber risks and best practices.

National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is celebrated every October in the United States. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security and  provide resources and tips for staying safe online. NCSAM was launched in 200 by the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance (NCSA) and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

To make people aware and informed about the best cyber security practice is our goal.


Here are some steps you can take to raise your cybersecurity awareness:

  • Create a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness program that addresses key topics such as phishing awareness, password management, safe browsing habits, and social engineering. 
  • Conduct regular cybersecurity training sessions for employees and other stakeholders, and provide them with resources and tools to assist them in identifying and responding to cyber threats.
  • Use simulations and scenarios to help individuals understand how cyber attacks operate and how to respond to them. Phishing simulations, tabletop exercises, and incident response drills are examples.

A cybersecurity awareness campaign is a concerted effort to educate people and organizations about cybersecurity risks, threats, and best practices.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding of cyber threats, promote good cybersecurity habits, and encourage people to take action to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber attacks.

By applying to our cyber security awareness program and after successfully completing the course, you will receive the certificate immediately.

The length of a cybersecurity awareness program can vary depending on several factors, including the program's goals, audience, and available resources.

Some awareness programs are short-term campaigns that last a few weeks or months, while others are ongoing programs integrated into an organization's culture.

The following are some examples of cybersecurity awareness activities that businesses can use to educate their employees and stakeholders:

  • Send simulated phishing emails to employees to test their awareness and provide training on identifying and responding to phishing attacks.
  • Training sessions: Conduct training sessions on cybersecurity best practices, including password management, safe browsing habits, and social engineering.
  • Online courses: Provide access to cybersecurity courses and resources, such as those provided by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS).
  • Posters and infographics: Create and distribute posters highlighting key cybersecurity risks and best practices throughout the workplace.

We cater to the following for cyber security awareness program:

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Parents 
  • Officials

We have trained over 100,000+ users and conducted 300+ sessions with over 40+ experts. Along with this, we also ensure 100% credibility as we are an ISO 27001 Certified Organisation.

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