Cyber Security Intern Trainee


Looking for a career in Cyber Security? We have an offer!

Here’s an opportunity to procure Internship, Training, Professional Experience, and Real-time exposure on Cyber Security, and even opportunities to earn – Everything in one!

Benefits of joining us:

  • Get an Experience Certificate
  • Get Cyber Security & Threat Hunting Training Certificate
  • Work on real-time projects and live websites
  • Work with experienced professionals
  • Earn rewards and awards
  • Get recognized
  • Unlimited guidance
  • Work on cybercrime cases
  • Get paid by working on real-time projects
  • Get paid by finding vulnerabilities
  • Job Guaranteed
cybersapiens hackers club membership

Also, Get FREE Membership of the Hacker's Club!

This is a Training + Job (Internship) program and is for those candidates who are passionate about cybersecurity and wish to pursue their career in CyberSecurity. As one of the best cybersecurity companies,

We exactly know what the industry needs. And thus, we will provide you with industry-oriented training and experience, which is unique in the market and is job guaranteed.

The Below Modules will be covered as part of your training. The Modules are divided into 2 Part!

  • Module 1: Compliance
  • Module 2: Technical
  1. Parameter Tampering
  2. Sniffing/Eavesdropping
  3. SQL injection
  4. Html injection
  5. XSS injection
  6. Clickjacking
  7. OTP bypass
  8. Logical bug
  9. Broken link
  10. Server name and version disclose
  11. Password encrypted form
  12. Security headers not implement
  13. Admin panel
  14. Use Default username and password
  15. File upload
  16. Session fixation
  17. Open directory
  18. File inclusion through encoding payload
  19. Password reset flaw through host header
  20. Password reset through token which is same as username but starts from the last word
  21. SSH credentials through rot 13 encoding hidden in source code of index page
  22. GIT folder disclosure through gitdumper
  23. Spidering of site which reveals bak file (backup file)
  24. OTP bypass through just specifying json context like {{success :true}} or verified
  25. SQL injecting in json based data
  26. JWT token hacking
  27. URL redirect
  28. DOM
  29. IDOR
  30. XXE
  31. Captcha implement
  32. APIs leak
  33. Direct URL file Access

So the training will cover both the Compliance & Technical aspects of Cyber Security and as part of the Technical modules, you will learn 33 & + vulnerabilities to exploit in a manual way and not sing any automated tools.

The exploitation will be first done on The Hackers Club machine and then once you practice, you then implement in real-time targets or in any private bug-hunting programs and earn rewards and/or awards.

Thus, as part of the TRAINING, we would cover almost every aspect of Cyber Security and the primary focus would be on Web Application Security wherein 30+ real-time web vulnerabilities will be covered.

As part of the INTERNSHIP, you will be working for our Red Team projects for Threat Hunting, wherein we will assign you with real-time targets (companies) and you will need to assess these targets and identify the vulnerabilities and threats.

Apart from the Threat Hunting, as part of the internship, you will be assigned with various tasks to work upon such as researching on topics and tools, security blog writing, conducting sessions, etc., which you would need to complete in the stipulated time.

This is a 100% job-guaranteed program wherein you would be either promoted in our company with a fixed stipend or assisted for jobs outside.

At the end, you would have a training certificate and an experience certificate to kick start your career further.

Achievements of our Ethical Hackers!

What Qualifications You Need?

Anyone who has completed or pursuing their graduation or post-graduation can apply. Even those who are in the first, second, or final year can join us. Required feasibility and time will be granted during examination time.

Interested in the Opportunity?

Below is the link to our demo sessions, you have to watch it and get an understanding of the basics of Cyber Security and also understand the program more.

    How to Apply for the Post?

    If you find it worthy and interesting, please let us know by sending an email to along with your resume, stating that you have gone through the document and videos, and would like to enroll in the internship.

    Please note that there will be minimal fees to be paid for the Training, which will be communicated to you upon interest.

     However, if you feel that you are knowledgeable and skilled, then please apply for the job position.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    This opportunity is for those who lack with the basic understanding and hands on with the real-time vulnerabilities. Thus, you need to pay for the training and Internship is free.

    If you have the skills and knowledge, then please apply for the Intern position.

    Yes, this program is designed for fresher’s and beginners with no or little knowledge about computers or security.

    No need to pay complete fees at the beginning itself.
    You can make a partial payment initially which can be any amount.

    So once you confirm the joining, our HR will start with the onboarding process which includes background verification as well. 

    Once background verification is done, the offer letter will be released. That is when you are supposed to make the payment. 

    Yes, we will pay on your performance basis. Whenever you find and report a bug, you will be paid for that bug. The payment will depend on the level of the bug you find and on the client.

    Any graduate or post graduate with keen interest in cyber security can join.

    Yes, an experienced letter of 6 months will be provided to you as per your performance.

    We have both remote as well as offline based. For offline, the candidate is required to be from Mangalore, Karnataka.

    Yes, anyone from any part of the world can be a part of this.

    The training will be provided online either through Google Meet or Zoom.

    The training is divided into two modules, 1. Compliance & 2. Technical.
    The idea is to train you on every domains in the security at least at a high level and the primary focus would be on Web App Security, wherein we will cover around 33+ vulnerabilities.

    Yes, any working professional can join us as an Intern Trainee or as a member of The Hackers Club.

    You are not paying for the internship, you are only paying for the Training. 

    So if you feel you do not require the training and you carry good knowledge and skills then please apply for the Intern position by sharing your resume to 

    We will be sharing our company’s Current Bank Account details and the transfer can be done through E-banking, Gpay, Cheque or DD.

    Yes, EMI is available and you can make payment in installments. 

    Yes, this is job guaranteed. We will teach you 33 vulnerabilities in this program and these are all real time vulnerabilities and once you learn all of them, you can perform Bug Hunting and can easily get a job.

    We too will refer you with the companies who have requirements and will also assist you with Resume Building, Mock Interviews, etc.,

    Yes, Cyber Security & Threat Hunting certificate will be awarded to you upon completion of the internship.

    We too will refer you with the companies who have requirements and will also assist you with Resume Building, Mock Interviews, etc.,

    The duration is 6 months, which includes Training and Internship together.

    Yes, you can join as this is a remote internship.

    There is no dedicated timings as such. Whatever tasks is given, it should be completed on the given timeline. In case of failure of competition, the candidate should inform the mentor, and exception will be given.

    Weekly 2-4 sessions will be taken depending on the vulnerabilities. As we will give one or two day time to practice the vulnerability covered.

    As an intern, you are required to work on the assigned tasks such as:
    a. Writing blogs
    b. Researching on topics
    c. Working on tools
    d. Working on assigned targets
    e. Using LinkedIn daily

    Yes, as a student, you can join us. If you have exams or any other work, you will have to inform your mentor and seek for exception. Upon approval, you will be given with exceptions.

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