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We are one of India’s only company providing the best online VAPT certification course and training.

In our VAPT Certification Course, you are not only just getting Training but an Internship as well,

At the end of our 6-month training program, you will be an experienced & certified Web Application Security Professional.

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Please note that it's NOT a Free Training Program. To Enrol in the Training Program You will have to Pay the Fees as communicated by our Course Advisors.

Our Program

Internship + Training

360° Career Development

Online Training

Regular Live Classes

6 Months Training

Training Language: English

Internship + Training

360° Career Development

Online Training

Regular Live Classes

6 Months Training

Training Language: English

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Benefits of Our VAPT Course Online

Get an Internship Along with Training

Job Placement Assistance

Job-Oriented Training Program

Regular Live + Recorded Sessions

Dedicated Mentor

Online Training

Get Cyber Security Certificate

Get Threat Hunting Training Certificate

Work with Experienced Professionals

Earn Rewards and Awards

Get Recognized

Work on Cybercrime Cases

Earn While You Learn

360° Personality Development

Get paid by Finding Vulnerabilities

Unlimited Guidance

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Sonam Shinde
Read More
I have learned so many new things in this internship. I got real time experience on finding vulnerability. I gained a lot of skills and knowledge about the field.The internship was a fun and exciting experience.
Shahid Ahmed P
Read More
A very Good place I have found to improve my knowledge and grow in cyber security. A lot of help was provided and earn bounties through finding bugs on client websites.
Read More
If you have basic knowledge about hacking and cyber security and want to learn more in a practical way then contact CyberSapiens United LLP. Very helpful trainers. They clear all your the doubts.. You can also reach out to them if you've been a victim of cyber crime. Once you enroll to red team assessment training you'll be constantly provided job assistance.
Jay shankar
Read More
Good place to learn ethical hacking. Right choice to start the career for a cyber security professional.Im having a great experience. All the mentors are very good and kind, always very helpful. personally learning a lot from here.Thankyou CyberSapiens Great job !!
Sakinala Bharghavi
Read More
This is a really wonderful place to work with. I really gained so much knowledge through this internship by Cybersapiens. It offers a complete practical approach towards cybersecurity. Thankyou Cybersapiens!
Bhavesh Naik
August 18, 2023
A Good and realiable place to start your Cybersecurity career and gain experience. Mentor's here are good and helpful which assist you in your journey.
Aravind T
August 17, 2023
I done my training on Cyber forensics. It's a very wonderful and grateful course.Thank you CyberSapiens.
chidanand Kallibaddi
August 17, 2023
I had the privilege of interning as a VAPT trainee at Cyber Sapiens, and it was an incredible experience. The team's expertise, hands-on learning, and collaborative atmosphere made it a truly valuable journey into the world of cybersecurity. I'm grateful for the skills and knowledge I gained during my time there.
Roshan Ali Shaik
August 4, 2023
I have been an Cyber Security intern trainee at Cyber Sapiens for 6 months and its the best experience one can get in the cyber security field. The internship has given a great kick start to my career in Cyber Security and Bug hunting. The mentors at the company are well versed in the field and are great at teaching and solving doubts. They give you a really good path to follow by which you can develop your knowledge and skills. I am very much satisfied by the company. They provide you with mock interviews to face real world interviews and guide you for making a better future. A novice in this field can become an expert if one works hard enough by going through this training. I strongly recommend anyone that is giving a thought of joining the company.
August 2, 2023
I learned a lot working with CyberSapiens as an Intern. Enjoyed as well as learned a lot over there. I would recommended any beginners to join CyberSapiens as it provides the best hands on training in ethical hacking.
rao anush
July 31, 2023
The over all internship training was good.Studied more about cybersecurity and what are the types of attacks takes place.
Mebin Sankar
July 27, 2023
My internship with CyberSapiens was excellent! Valuable experience, supportive team, and great flexibility. Highly recommended!
Jeel Khatiwala
July 25, 2023
The experience in internship was something which I have never experienced earlier, The 6 month of training and internship help me to grow especially in Cyber Security Domain, When I Joined initially I was just script kiddie and After completion of 6 month it totally transformed me to Cyber Security professional and Help me stand different and one level up from the others around me in personal and professional life.
Mukesh Kumar
July 24, 2023
I had an incredible learning experience during my internship at Cybersapiens LLP as a Red Teamer. The team's expertise and guidance helped me develop practical skills in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. The hands-on projects challenged me to think creatively and tackle real-world security scenarios. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented professionals and contribute to their impactful work in the cybersecurity domain.

Interested in Complete Cyber Security Internship + Training Progam?

Program Curriculum

We provide a very unique Industry Oriented Curriculum from basics to an advanced level.
The training covers 13 Modules which are divided into 3 Chapters – Basic, Advanced and Specialization.

Chapter 1: Basic

This chapter covers all the basic topics that companies expect in an individual. These topics help you to make your base strong in the Cyber Security domain.

Module 1 – Foundation to Cyber Security

This chapter covers all the advance topics of the cyber security domain from an industry perspective which is required for every cyber security professional. It especially covers the four primary topics – GRC, SOC, VAPT and Cloud which are the core domains in Cyber Security. This Chapter will help you in gaining a good weightage to your profile.

Module 2 – Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

Module 3 – Network Security

Module 4 – Web Application Security

Module 5 – API Security

Module 6 – Mobile Application Security

Module 7 – Network VAPT & Attacks

Module 8 – Governance Risk & Compliance

Module 9 – Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Module 10 – Cloud Security

This chapter is where you will be gaining the skills of a Penetration Tester for performing Web + API & of a Penetration Tester for performing Web + API & Mobile Pentesting and you will be working on live Mobile Pentesting and you will be working on live targets hunting for vulnerabilities. targets hunting for vulnerabilities.

Module 11 – Web Application VAPT & Attacks

Module 12 – RCE & Command Injection

Module 13 – Mobile Application (Android & iOS) VAPT & Attacks

*Download the brochure to better understand the course curriculum, structure and pricing structure of the training program.

Not only this we have got Additonal Suprises for you all!

Get these 2 additional courses along with the main Training Program…

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Get CEH v12 Course of 40+ Hours for FREE along with this Program and register yourself as a Certified Ethical Hacker for V12

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Get our Bug Hunting Essential Course which covers around 20 Web & API Bugs to become a Bug Hunter for FREE

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vapt course online cybersapiens

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If you are a beginner then worry not. Our VAPT Training Course is designed keeping beginners in mind. 

Our mentors will give you personal attention to solve any and all queries.

The benefits of VAPT Certification include gaining knowledge and skills in identifying and mitigating security risks, enhancing career prospects, improving credibility with clients and employers, and increasing earning potential.

Prerequisites may vary, but typically include a basic understanding of computer networks, operating systems, and cybersecurity concepts.

Knowledge of programming languages and experience with security testing tools is also helpful.

Topics typically include vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, web application security, wireless network security, and social engineering.

Skills gained include the ability to identify and assess security risks, use security testing tools, and implement security best practices.

The duration of the VAPT course may vary, but typically lasts for 6 months.

This a an online course. So it can be very easily taken virtually.

VAPT certification stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing certification. It is a professional certification that validates the knowledge and skills of individuals in conducting comprehensive security assessments of IT systems, identifying vulnerabilities, and performing penetration testing to identify and exploit vulnerabilities to assess the security posture of systems and networks.

The prerequisites for a VAPT certification course may vary depending on the specific certification program. However, typical prerequisites may include prior cybersecurity or IT experience, networking concepts, familiarity with operating systems, and an understanding of common security vulnerabilities and attacks.

The career opportunities include roles such as cybersecurity analyst, penetration tester, security consultant, and network security engineer.

To prepare for these opportunities, individuals should gain hands-on experience with security testing tools, keep up-to-date with industry trends, and continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

VAPT certification differs from other certifications such as CISSP or CEH.

VAPT certification focuses specifically on assessing and testing the security of an organization's information systems and networks.

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) focuses on overall security management, while CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) focuses on the ethical hacking process to identify vulnerabilities in networks and systems.

A VAPT certification course typically covers vulnerability assessment techniques, penetration testing methodologies, network scanning, web application testing, wireless security, cloud security, and reporting and documentation of findings. It may also include hands-on labs and practical exercises to gain real-world experience.

Obtaining a VAPT certification can offer several benefits, including enhanced career opportunities in cybersecurity, increased job prospects, higher earning potential, recognition of expertise in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and the ability to contribute to securing IT systems and networks effectively.

The duration of a VAPT certification course may vary depending on the specific certification program and the individual's pace of learning. It can typically range from a few weeks to a few months, including the time required for studying, practice labs, and preparation for the certification exam.

To prepare for a VAPT certification exam, you can follow a structured study plan that includes reviewing the course materials, practicing with hands-on labs, attempting practice exams, and seeking additional resources such as books, online tutorials, and practice exercises. It's also important to gain practical experience through real-world projects or internships.

Maintaining a VAPT certification may require fulfilling certain requirements, such as participating in continuing education programs, attending workshops or conferences, or renewing the certification periodically. It's important to check the specific certification program's requirements and adhere to them to maintain the certification's validity.

At CyberSapiens, we prioritize providing valuable training services to our clients. We do not offer refunds for any of the payments made against the enrolments in any circumstances.

However, we understand at times certain unexpected situations may arise and therefore in such cases, participants have the flexibility to utilize their paid fees towards our services within the next 8 months.

In the event a refund is requested, it will be considered for a small portion of the amount only. Thus, we encourage participants to take advantage of this opportunity and engage with our services within the specified timeframe.

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