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Ethical Hacker Course | CEH v12 Course

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Only Bachelors, Graduates & Working Professional are eligible (No Coding Experience Req.)

Become a Skilled Ethical Hacker | CEH v12 Course

CEH, the latest iteration of the Certified Ethical Hacker program, has evolved and grown over two decades, producing numerous Certified Ethical Hackers employed by prestigious organizations, governments, and military forces worldwide.

We offer as per EC council Ver 12 a comprehensive training experience, featuring hands-on labs, immersive cyber ranges, certification assessments, engaging cyber competitions, and continuous learning opportunities.

Our CEH v12 Course Highlights

cybersapiens certified ethical hackers program duration

Program Duration:
40 hours

cybersapiens certified ethical hackers program fee

Program Fee:
₹4999 (GST Included)

cybersapiens certified ethical hackers program format

Program Format:
iLearn (Self-Paced)

This solution offers a self-paced learning environment delivered in a video streaming format.

List of Tools Covered in our CEH v12 Course

Why choose CyberSapiens for Certified Ethical Hackers Course | CEH v12 Course?

The CEH v12 training program is meticulously crafted to empower aspiring security professionals with hands-on experience in scanning, testing, hacking, and securing systems, providing practical ethical hacking skills. Opting for CyberSapiens allows you to access the following benefits.

qualifications and experience guidance

Qualifications and Experience Guidance

We can assist you in effectively presenting your qualifications and work experience for the designated profile.

flexible training schedule

Flexible Training Schedule

Our training schedule is adaptable to your needs, ensuring flexibility in your learning journey.

recorded session videos

Recorded Session Videos

Recorded Session Videos: Every participant receives access to recorded session videos for future reference, enhancing your learning experience.

post training assistance

Post-Training Assistance

We offer ongoing support and assistance after your training to ensure you continue to succeed.

discussion groups

Discussion Groups

We facilitate group discussions for enhanced learning and collaborative knowledge sharing.

certificate of participation

Certificate of Participation

Each candidate receives a certificate of participation upon completion, recognizing your commitment and achievement.

practice labs

Practice Labs

Access virtual labs for hands-on practice in a controlled environment.

e books and study materials

E-books and Study Materials

Receive comprehensive e-books and study materials to reinforce your learning.



Get paired with experienced mentors who provide guidance and answer your questions.

continued learning resources

Continued Learning Resources

Access a library of resources, articles, and updates to stay informed about the latest cybersecurity trends.

job placement assistance

Job Placement Assistance

Benefit from assistance in finding job opportunities in the field of ethical hacking after completing the program.

networking opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry professionals through networking events and forums.

mock exams

Mock Exams

Prepare for certification exams with practice exams included in the program.

specialized tracks

Specialized Tracks

Choose from specialized tracks within the program to focus on specific areas of interest within ethical hacking.

security talks

Security Talks

Gain insights from industry experts and guest speakers sharing their experiences and knowledge.

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Who can join this Course?

This Certified Ethical Hacker- CEH v12 Training Program is meant for Graduates, Under Graduates, Network and Systems Administrators, IT staffs or anyone interested in learning information security

who can join cybersapiens ceh v12 certified ethical hackers course

Take a look at Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Achieve Mastery in Ethical Hacking Fundamentals through 20 Comprehensive Modules
and Launch Your Cybersecurity Career.
introduction to ethical hacking ceh v12 course

Module 1

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

foot printing and reconnaissance ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 2

Foot Printing and Reconnaissance

scanning networks ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 3

Scanning Networks

enumeration ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 4


vulnerability analysis ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 5

Vulnerability Analysis

system hacking ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 6

System Hacking

malware threats ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 7

Malware Threats

sniffing ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 8


social engineering ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 9

Social Engineering

denial of service ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 10


session hijacking ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 11

Session Hijacking

evading ids firewalls and honeypots ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 12

Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

hacking web servers ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 13

Hacking Web Servers

hacking web applications ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 14

Hacking Web Applications

sql injection ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 15

SQL Injections

hacking wireless networks ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 16

Hacking Wireless Networks

hacking mobile platforms ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 17

Hacking Mobile Platforms

iot hacking ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 18

IoT Hacking

cloud computing ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 19

Cloud Computing

cryptography ceh v12 course curriculum

Module 20


The CEH training program comprises 20 modules that encompass a wide range of technologies, tactics, and procedures. It equips prospective ethical hackers with the fundamental knowledge essential for success in the cybersecurity domain. Typically conducted for 40hours, this version of CEH continually adapts to stay current with the latest operating systems, exploits, tools, and techniques.

This training program is thoughtfully structured, with a 50/50 balance between knowledge-based instruction and hands-on application within our cyber range. Each concept discussed in the training is reinforced by step-by-step labs conducted in a virtualized environment. These labs feature live targets, real tools, and vulnerable systems, allowing every participant to gain extensive hands-on practice for the effective application of their knowledge.

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CyberSapiens Ethical Hacker Certificate

The CEH exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions to be completed within a one-hour timeframe. This knowledge-driven assessment evaluates your proficiency in areas such as information security threats, attack vectors, attack detection, attack prevention, methodologies, and procedural knowledge, among other critical topics.

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