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best phishing simulation service providers for fintech companies in adelaide

Top 10 Best Phishing Simulation Service Providers for Fintech Companies in Adelaide

Fintech firms are resonating in the financial sector in Australia, and Adelaide is the town where these cutting-edge companies are being drawn. On the one hand, the case for digital services is unquestionable, but on the other hand, the cybercrime risk is a growing concern, with phishing being one of the most common threats. 

Phishing simulations should be considered a prime option for Fintech companies to not only knowledge transfer but also build a robust shield to combat these pollution attempts.

The purpose of this article is to showcase the top 10 best phishing simulation services providers in Adelaide for fintech companies. 

The features, benefits and some factors that are used in the selection of a provider will be discussed and you will be more empowered using the new strategies to protect your organization.

Why Phishing Simulations are Essential for Fintech Companies?


Through successful phishing emails, hackers will take advantage of deception and invent plausible reasons or requests designed to trigger recipients into revealing sensitive login credentials or financial data.

Financial technologies, just in the spirit of this business, witness many people’s secret details. A successful phishing attack on a Fintech employee can have devastating consequences, including:

1. Data breaches

With stolen logins, one can figure out customer accounts details and vital financial information.

2. Financial losses

Hackers can carry out transactions using stolen data and can also divert funds to their own accounts in order to defraud others.

3. Reputational damage

Reputation and customer trust are two major things that can be impacted strongly because of the infringements of data and monetary losses.

4. Regulatory penalties

Seen the severity of the flattening, Fintech organizations could pay the entrust themselves from expensive fines and regulatory penalties.

Simulations of phishing contribute to creating a secure and controllable environment where people not only learn to detect and bypass phishing messages but also gain real-world experience. Threat actors may utilize a variety of social engineering methods to gain control of an employee’s computer system credential, leveraging on human laxity and limited or no awareness of common cyber threat tactics.

List of Top 10 Best Phishing Simulation Service Providers for Fintech Companies in Adelaide

top 10 best phishing simulation service providers for fintech companies in adelaide

1. CyberSapiens: Best Phishing Simulation Service Provider

CyberSapiens is a trusted phishing simulation service provider. CyberSapiens offers a comprehensive phishing test designed to improve awareness of phishing scams across organizations.

In this simulation, employees receive simulated phishing emails that mimic real phishing attempts. 

The goal is to allow staff to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment without facing the severe consequences of an actual phishing attack. 

CyberSapiens provides various phishing scenarios, easy reporting, and tailored templates for different industry sectors

Benefits of Phishing Simulation Service from CyberSapiens:

  • Multiple phishing emails and scenarios to simulate.
  • Comprehensive and easy reporting.
  • Simple implementation.
  • Customized templates for each industry section.
  • Unlimited simulations.

Get 1 Free Phishing Simulation from CyberSapiens If you’re looking to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity awareness, consider reaching out to CyberSapiens

Clients Served By CyberSapiens


2. KnowBe4

A top manufacturing company which is having a complete phishing simulation platform and custom sections, in-depth reporting and user-friendly interfaces. The best features of KnowBe4 are

  • Training content covering all phishing vectors (email, text, call), gamified learning involving phishing attacks approach, and in-depth reporting with analytics.

3. Mimecast

Mimecast gives not only phishing simulations but an additional maliciousness by providing a comprehensive email security solution combining in-built phishing protection and user awareness.

  • Features: Another feature worth noting is ActiveGuard; this tool is incorporated into the platform, with phishing simulations, email security gateway, impersonation protection, and integrated security awareness training content.
  • Pricing: Kindly contact Mimecast for a quotation offered that specifically meets your enterprise’s requirements.

4. Phished

A training program built on the cloud and recognized for its easiness, game-bot training approach, and range of phishing templates. Tailored phish simulations, micro modules for persistent learning, configurable marketing campaigns with built-in instructions, and explanation with an action plan for rectification. These are the best features of Phished

5. Sim Phish

Offers a cost-effective arrangement, gives a focus on automation, and guarantees smooth deployment.

6. Cofense

The ethical hacking tool provides organizations with a comprehensive platform designed to work with various phishing vectors such as vishing, smishing, and different trainings for security awareness beyond phishing.

7. Proofpoint

A feature-rich platform to cater to large organizations that can integrate effortlessly onto existing security systems.

8. Honeypot

Uses a method, which is authentic in the sense of inundating the employees with actual email phishing attacks.

9. SpamTitan Phishing Simulator

An easy-to-use low-cost product having the most basic phishing simulation tools from a recognized security provider.

10. IT Governance Phishing Simulator

A UK-based provider which is also an Australian part of the network supplies highly adaptable simulations and security-related training materials as well.


Adelaide Fintechs: With phishing mitigation technology, customers can be 100% safe from phishing attacks.

The overview of the article discovered the top of the most reliable Phishing Simulation Service providers where their features, pricing, and what they do best for Adelaide’s Fintech needs are all covered.

Pick the security that matches with your company size, budget, and sole responsibility. In this case, keep in mind that the process of education continues because of it. Regular simulations and straight talk give authority to workers so they can act as part of the security line.

Adelaide Fintech’s success is secured as you implement a Phishing Simulation Service provider as you would protect sensitive data as well as build trust. Consolidate your actions today and gain your cybersecurity fortress

Summary: Top10 Best Phishing Simulation Service Providers for Fintech Companies in Adelaide

  1. CyberSapiens
  2. KnowBe4
  3. Mimecast
  4. Phished
  5. Sim Phish
  6. Cofense
  7. Proofpoint
  8. Honeypot
  9. SpamTitan Phishing Simulator
  10. IT Governance Phishing Simulator


1. Is phishing simulation effective?

Ans: Yes, phishing simulation is effective in raising awareness and improving employees’ ability to recognize phishing attempts. Regular training helps create a cyber-aware workforce, reducing the risk of falling victim to real phishing attacks.

2. How does phishing simulation work?

Ans: Phishing simulation replicates real phishing attacks by sending mock phishing emails or messages to employees. These simulated attacks mimic common tactics used by cybercriminals. Employees receive these messages and are encouraged to identify them as phishing attempts. The process helps raise awareness, improve vigilance, and educate employees about potential cyber threats.

3. How much do Phishing Simulation Services typically cost?

Ans: The cost of a Phishing Simulation Service can vary depending on the number of users, features offered, and the size of your organization. Many providers offer tiered pricing plans, so you can choose a solution that fits your budget.

4. Are there regulations to consider?

Ans: Yes, consult with a professional to ensure compliance with ACSC and APRA guidelines.

5. How often should we conduct phishing simulations?

Ans: The recommended frequency varies depending on your organization’s risk profile. A good starting point is conducting simulations quarterly, with the option to increase frequency based on the results and your industry’s threat landscape.

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