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100+ best cyber security blogs in the world

Top 100 Best Cyber Security Blogs in the World

In the modern world where the Internet is almost used, cyber security has emerged as one of the essential components of an individual’s online experience.

With the ongoing development of technology, cyber threats are becoming more and more elaborate making it necessary for both, everyday users and corporations, to stay up to date with the current threats, trends, and solutions in that field. This means breaking news can easily be found by following trusted blogs that cover cyber security news. 

In this article, let’s try to identify the 100+ Best Cyber Security Blogs in the World that share information on threats and vulnerabilities, compliance and risk management.

List of 100 Best Cyber Security Blogs in the World

list of 100+ best cyber security blogs in the world

Are you excited to know about the 100+ Best Cyber Security Blogs in the World? Don’t worry the wait is over, after hectic research we bought you the world’s best cybersecurity blogs:

1. CyberSapiens: Best Cybersecurity Blogs

Let’s begin with our list of Top 100+ Best Cyber Security Blogs in the World with “CyberSapiens”.

Which is the top blog preferred by businesses and learners around the world for professional guidance and input.

Our blogs are written by experienced content writers with multiple years of expertise in the field of Cybersecurity. Not only that once the blogs are written, it is reviewed by over 100+ security analysts, so the quality is impeccable.

Within our blogs, we try our best to showcase the data and figures in easily understandable formats like tables and infographics.

We write blogs on multiple categories like business security, cybersecurity awareness, the latest in cybersecurity, career guidance, tools, tips and tricks and much more.

We know with the above details you are very excited to visit and read our blogs.

2. Krebs on Security

A popular cyber security blog run by a great journalist and a cyber security specialist named Brian Krebs.

3. Dark Reading

Official website of the Journal of Cyber Security that provides up-to-date news, trends and threats on subjects including threat intelligence and incident response.

4. CyberScoop

One of the most popular cyber security sources with a focus on detailed reporting on the threats, weaknesses and security issues.

5. Infosecurity Magazine

One of the most visited cyber security websites which provides the audience with information on various cyber security issues, including cloud and data protection.

6. CSO Online

A blog that is aimed at giving the latest news, info, views, and analysis on IT security, security risk management, and security compliance.

7. Network World

A popular blog that regularly provides information on cyber security trends as well as provides readers with different reviews of this kind of product.

8. SecurityWeek

A blog that focuses on security in cyberspace and offers a feed of current events, opinions from a security perspective, and information security news.

9. cybersecurity news

A source of the latest in cyber security threats and incidents including viruses and worms, phishing and other data compromise incidents.

10. ITPro Today

A blog that deals with cyber security news, particularly in the IT sector and the related issues of security risks and compliance measures obligatory for compliance. Strong coverage of the technical aspects of the issue.

11. Techopedia

A blog that provides a involving and diverse overview of cyber security which also shows how encryption relates to artificial intelligence.

12. GDPR Today

The blog is an online resource on the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union comprising updates, information and informative materials.

13. HIPAA Journal

A blog that is focused on HIPAA news, tips and material on healthcare security and privacy.

14. PCI Compliance Guide


15. Risk Management Monitor

A business risk commentary or business risk blog that occasionally covers enterprise risk and governance with special emphasis on cyber risk.

16. Compliance Week

Key Compliance and Risk Management Blog; focuses on areas of compliance, risk management, and internal audit; some of the blog posts include, data privacy, and security.

17. Malwarebytes Labs

The biggest blog on the subjects of malware analysis, threat intelligence, and cyber security news.

18. SANS Internet Storm Center

An effort of cooperation in cyber security that offers threat intelligence, malware analysis and incident handling resources.

19. Talos Intelligence

A threat intelligence blog of Cisco that offers scopes on cybersecurity, threats, malware, and related vulnerabilities.

20. FireEye Threat Research

One of the most popular sources for the latest news, tips, and tricks in the world of threat intelligence, malware and cyber security.

21. Microsoft Malware Protection Center 

Public-facing blog about Malware Analysis, Threat Intelligence, and Microsoft Cyber Security.

22. Cloud Security Alliance

A popular blog on information security with a main focus on cloud computing information, studies, and services.


A blog that mostly deals with DevOps and Security such as continuous integration and delivery.

24. CloudNative Computing Foundation

A blog that focuses on building security for applications where containers will be used, cloud-native applications, or applications being developed for the serverless architecture.

25. AWS Security Blog

A professionally maintained security blog on AWS that tries to educate and bring into light lots of things about security, especially cloud security.

26. Google Cloud Security Blog

A personal blog is divided into articles and news regarding a specific topic, which in this case is Google Cloud security.

27. Incident Response

A blog that mainly discusses incident response, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

28. Cyber Warfare Technology

A blog that deals in Cyber warfare, Cyber espionage and national security.

29. Infosec Institute

A blog that offers information and tools on response, hack and training in cyberspace.

30. Cyber Security Forum

A blog that features cyber security news, cases, incidents and intelligence from the ground up by the people.

31. Cybrary

Specifically, a blog is identified as one that is dedicated to training, certification, and a career in cyber security.

32. SMB Cyber Security

An online magazine devoted to the coverage of cyber security products and recommendations of the strategies to be implemented in small and medium enterprises.

33. Cyber Security for SMBs

SMB cyber security blog focusing on information sharing and guidance on risk management as well as compliance.

34. Small Business Trends

A news blog that has topics within the realm of technology and business, such as cyber security for small businesses.

35. Startup Security

A blog that is aimed at cyber security in startups with topics such as cloud security and DevSecOps.

36. Cyber Security for Entrepreneurs

A blog that gives information on cybersecurity and useful tools for start-up entrepreneurs and anybody running a small business.


This can be defined as a blog owned by the government where people are posted cyber security alerts, advisories, measures, and standards for any persons, groups, or institutions.

38. DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

It is a blog that focuses on cyber security, critical infrastructure, and national security topics and or news breaking inside the government domain.

39. National Cyber Security Alliance

An education-based nonprofit blog that highlights free informational and practical problem-solving resources about cyber security.

40. Harvard Cybersecurity Project

A cybersecurity blog that provides its readers with materials based on the author’s research in artificial intelligence and national security.

41. Stanford Cyber Initiative

A blog that can be defined as covering topics related to cyber security, artificial intelligence and data science research.

42. Deloitte Cyber

A blog that deals in cyber security consultant, risk, management and compliance services.

43. KPMG Cyber Security

A blog focused on areas of interest such as cyber security consulting, managing risks and being in compliance.

44. PwC Cyber Security

A blog that is of PwC that majors in cyber security consulting services, risk management and compliance services.

45. EY Cyber Security

It is a blog that focuses on issues surrounding cybersecurity consulting services, risk management and compliance.

46. Accenture Security

A blog that deals with cyber security consulting, risk management and compliance services by Accenture

47. Norton Cyber Security

This is a blog that deals with cyber security products as well as solutions offered by Norton and the ideal ways to approach cyber security.

48. McAfee Cyber Security

An online journal that offers information and links to McAfee cyber security products and services and tips on cyber security.

49. Bitdefender Cyber Security

a blog dedicated to providing information on cybersecurity products, services, and tips from the Bitdefender enterprise.

50. Kaspersky Cyber Security

An official blog for cyber security products and solutions along with the practices of Kaspersky Lab to offer its visitors the best of it.

51. Cisco Cyber Security

A blog that deals with topics of cyber security products as well as services offered and recommended measures by Cisco.

52. Cyber Security R&D Magazine

A blog that focuses on cybersecurity ideas and works, including the internet as a place for research.

53. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Research

A blog that is operated by the government, and deals in cyber security research and development.

54. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity

The official blog of the government which handles articles on cyber security analysis, standards, and tips.

55. Stanford University Cyber Security Research

An online forum based on research studies that focus on cyber security, artificial intelligence, and data science.

56. MIT Cyber Security Research

A scholarly blog that is mainly focused on cyber security AI and data science research.

57. Women’s CyberSecurity Society

A blog that deals with issues to do with women, especially in cyber security, information, and resources that can assist them.

58. Ladies of Cyber

An online magazine that deals in cyber security, innovation and women in technology.

59. Cybersecurity Women

A blog that posits, enlists and nurtures women who are involved in cyber security work.

60. Cyber Security Europe

A cyber security blog that published articles of news, trends, and tips on cyber security issues in Europe.

61. Cyber Security Asia

An online diary that presents current affairs, topics and tips on cyber security in Asia.

62. Cyber Security Americas

A site that provides information on cyber security in terms of upcoming events and good practices in the Americas.

63. Cyber Security Africa

A blog that deals with cyber security headlines, developments, and tips on Africa.

64. Cyber Security Middle East

A blog that gives information on Middle East cyber security events, current affairs and measures to be taken for security in that region.

65. Cyber Security Training

This is a Blog that offers information regarding cybersecurity training, cybersecurity certifications, as well as Cyber security careers.

66. Infosec Institute

A blog that focuses on cyber security training and certification as well as having cyber security career opportunities.

67. Cyber Security Education

A site that focuses on information and services in the area of cyber security learning, training and employment.

68. CompTIA Cyber Security

This blog is about cyber security training, certification as well as a career for candidates who are trying to get into the field of cyber security including CompTIA.

69. CyberWire

An emerging topic that is related to cyber security that provides news, trends and interviews of cyber security specialists.

70. Hacker’s Jargon File

It is a program based on cyber security news, trends and interviews of special guests within a week.

71. The Cyber Security Podcast

It is a podcast that delivers current affairs and information on cyber secularity, as well as interviews with professionals in the field.

72. Cyber Security Insights

A podcast that gives you news updates on cyber security and includes discussions of best practices etc.

73. The Cyber Security Interview

A medium that features CS-related news, occurrences of the week and guest specialists.

74. Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS)

A non-profit website that is for women interested in cyber security where they can gain information on training, guidance, and employment.

75. Girl Security

A blog that deals with cyber security, inventions and women in the field of technology, concentrating on education and employment.

76. Cyber Security News

An online page that provides information about the events and developments in the cyber security field as well as recommended practices.

77. Infosecurity Magazine

An online cyber security magazine that encompasses current events, topics and measures.

78. SC Media

Different publications related to cyber security, which include news, trends and industry practices.

79. Cyber Security Hub

A blog post that discusses the latest events on cyber security and how one should go about it.

80. Cyber Defense Magazine

It is an online magazine that deals with cyber security news, emergence and recommendations.

81. RSA Conference

It is one of the top events in the cybersecurity industry that provides information on events, novelties, and guidelines.

82. Black Hat

One of the most famous cyber security events that combines the latest news, tendencies and useful tips.

83. Def Con

An event that deals with the area of security in computer systems where participants try to exploit the weaknesses in systems.

84. Cyber Security Summit

A meeting that is meant to discuss current developments in cyber security, as well as updates and successful experiences.

85. Infosecurity Europe

An event that provides scientific coverage of cybersecurity-related events and affairs internationally with a specific focus on Europe with information sharing and practices.

86. GDPR Blog

A blog is focused on GDPR including updates, requirements, and recommendations.

87. PCI Compliance Guide

It will contain posts about PCI DSS compliance, important events, and tips.

88. Compliance and Risk Management

A blog that focuses on the aspects of compliance, risk management, and cyber security.

89. Cyber Security Regulations

A blog that looks into issues in cyber security regulations, and compliance and brings to light the latest in the world.

90. Cyber Security Awareness

A blog that will contain information regarding cyber security and tips, current events and other related information.

91. Cyber Security Education Coalition

A blog that deals with cyber security topics that include education, and awareness and contains the latest news.

92. National Cyber Security Alliance

An online-based organization’s blog that focuses on the provision of cyber security education and awareness, as well as the sharing of cybersecurity-related news.

93. Cyber Security for All

A blog that seeks to create an understanding of cyber security as well as give tips and/or advice to the general public and business entities.

94. Cyber Security 101

A blog that entails information on cyber security, its importance as well as information on how to secure an individual or an organization.

95. Healthcare Cyber Security

A blog that posts news of the week, cyber trends, tips and recommended practices for the healthcare industry.

96. Financial Cyber Security

A blog that is dedicated to a discussion of the latest events and news in the field of cyber security as well as these and other tips applicable to the sphere of the financial industry.

97. Retail Cyber Security

A blog that publishes information on cybersecurity, upcoming events, and guidelines for securing retail businesses.

98. Government Cyber Security

A blog that focuses more on the government side of affairs where it offers information on cyber security and timely updates on arising issues as well as tips on how the government can tackle the menace.

99. Education Cyber Security

A blog that focuses on cyber security news, new trends and tips for schools, colleges and other institutions.

100. The Hacker News

A widely respected source for breaking cybersecurity news, The Hacker News aggregates stories from around the web, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest vulnerabilities, breaches, and security trends.


Overall the above 100+ cybersecurity blogs provide numerous benefits for individuals and organizations, including improved knowledge, awareness, and cybersecurity skills, as well as enhanced career development opportunities and business benefits.

FAQs: Top 100 Best Cyber Security Blogs in the World

1. What are the different types of cybersecurity blogs?

Ans: Cybersecurity blogs come in various flavours, catering to different audiences and interests. Some focus on breaking news and industry trends, while others offer deep dives into technical topics like vulnerability analysis. Some blogs provide practical security advice for everyday users or strategic guidance for security leaders.

2. How do I choose the right cybersecurity blog for me?

Ans: Consider your level of technical expertise and your primary interests within cybersecurity. If you’re a beginner, blogs focusing on user education and awareness might be a good starting point. As a security professional, blogs offering in-depth technical analysis or security automation insights might benefit you.

3. How often should I read cybersecurity blogs?

Ans: The ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats necessitates staying informed. Aim to read blogs regularly, even if it’s just skimming headlines or checking for updates a few times a week.

4. Are there any security risks associated with reading cybersecurity blogs?

Ans: While unlikely, some malicious actors might exploit blog platform vulnerabilities to inject malware or phishing links. Be cautious about clicking on suspicious links or downloading attachments from unknown sources, even within cybersecurity blogs.

5. What are some additional ways to stay informed about cybersecurity threats?

Ans: Following security experts on social media is a great way to get real-time updates and insights. Attending industry events and conferences can also be valuable for networking and learning about the latest trends.

6. How can I verify the information I find on cybersecurity blogs?

Ans: Critical thinking is essential. Look for blogs with a reputable track record and authors with expertise in the field. Check if the information aligns with what other security resources report.

7. What are some common cybersecurity myths debunked by blogs?

Ans: Many blogs aim to dispel misconceptions about cybersecurity. Common myths include the belief that strong passwords alone are enough or that Macs are immune to malware.

8. Can cybersecurity blogs help me prepare for a cybersecurity career?

Ans: Absolutely! Many blogs offer insights into the cybersecurity job market, required skills, and even interview tips. The following industry thought leaders on blogs can also shed light on career paths and trends.

9. Do I need to be a tech whiz to understand cybersecurity blogs?

Ans: While some blogs cater to a technical audience, there are plenty of resources available for beginners. Look for blogs that explain complex topics in an accessible way, often using clear examples and analogies.

10. Why are cybersecurity blogs important?

Ans: Cybersecurity blogs play a crucial role in raising awareness about cyber threats and empowering individuals and organizations to protect themselves. They offer a wealth of free information, fostering a more secure digital environment for everyone.

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